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Specializing in Stopping Your Breakup & Keeping Your Family Together When Your Partner Refuses to Go To a Marriage Counselor With You.

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I’ll Show You How to Stop Your Breakup and Keep Your Family Together When Your Partner Refuses to Go To a Marriage Counselor With You.

Relationship Saving Counseling for Married & Unmarried Couples & Individuals.
In person, by FaceTime Skype Video or by phone.

I’ve helped countless people who were on the verge of losing their relationship to stop their breakup even if they feared it was beyond saving, and even if they were the only one who wanted to save it. I am pro-marriage, pro-relationship, and pro-family. If working with a marriage counselor is your last hope, and your partner won’t get help with you, you owe it to yourself and your family to call or text me now.
If your partner isn’t willing to go to a marriage counselor with you, is your relationship doomed?

Here’s my question for you. How many people in a relationship does it take to save the relationship? Obvious answer, right? It takes two people to save a relationship. Of course. Right?… WRONG! It takes a minimum of one person to rescue a relationship.

 In my private practice, with so many of the relationships I’ve helped, including the ones that were in crisis when I first got involved, I’ve only worked with one person. They took what I gave them and successfully stopped their breakup and reconciled their relationship. 

I would have been happy to work with them as a couple. It just wasn’t an option because their partner wasn’t willing to join us in the process. I’m a realist. I have a mission to help you to save your relationship and to keep your family under one roof. I work with what I have to work with.

 In my 20 + years as a relationship saving marriage counselor, I have helped to save lots of relationships where only one person got my direct help.

 If you like what you’re reading then give me a call or text me now  on my cell at 310-429-3658 or email me at [email protected]. Please keep in mind that I can communicate with you a lot more effectively by phone than I can by email or texting.


Free Phone Consultation
Call or Text me now on my cell:  310-429-3658,
or email me at [email protected]. I’m glad to speak with you for several minutes for free and answer some of your biggest concerns. Can I help you save your relationship and help you to keep your family together? Probably. The best way to know if I can help you is for us to have a conversation. Call me now. I’m glad to spend some time talking to you. Once I hear about your situation I can tell you how I can help you.

Find Out

  • How it’s possible to save your relationship when your partner won’t go to a marriage counselor with you.
  • How to get past infidelity and rebuild trust
  • How to get a last chance with your partner
  • How to turn around a partner who says that they are done with you and they want to end the relationship.
  • What to do if your partner refuses to get help with you

I can be reached within 10 minutes on my cell phone 310-429-3658, if I’m not in session. If I’m in session & you leave a message, I’ll call you back on my first break. I understand and respect the fact that you’re urgently trying to save your relationship and to keep your family together and that you need to make contact with me as soon as possible.

Same day appointments available.
Insurance welcome. Evenings until 10pm & Weekend Appointments available.
Sessions in person, by FaceTime or phone.

Which of the following describes your situation? (

I help to address and resolve the following issues)

Which of the following describes your situation?:

Infidelity | Broken Trust | Love But Not In Love | Partner Wants To Break Up | Partner In Love With Someone Else | Bickering/Fighting/Verbal Abuse | Anger Management | Lack Of Communication | Already Separated | Lying/Don’t Keep Agreements | Hard To Get Over The Past | Needs Not Being Met | Staying Just For The Kids | Have Little In Common | Blended Family/Step Children | Ex Spouse/In Law Problems | Don’t Feel Listened To/Understood | Issues Don’t Get Addressed/Resolved | Pornography | Lack Of Appreciation/Respect | Jealousy | Alcohol/Substance Abuse | Depression/Anxiety/Stress | Adults Abused As Children | Lack Of Affection | Lack Of Attraction | Lack Of Respect | Midlife Crisis | Infrequent Or No Sex | Disagree On Parenting | Loss Of Personal Freedom | Too Controlling/Possessive | Long Distance Relationship | Grieving For Loss Of Loved One



Am I the best one to help save your relationship?

I imagine it’s really hard and maybe a little bit scary for you to decide what marriage counselor to go to. You may feel that marriage counseling is your last hope and you may also know of people who went to a marriage counselor and they felt the marriage counselor did more harm than good.

I’m going to briefly tell you about me and how I work so that you have enough information to determine if I’m the one that’s most likely to be able to help you to save your relationship.

For over 20 years I’ve specialized in saving relationships that were on the verge of ending even when only one person still wanted the relationship to work and even when they had no hope that it could be saved. I am happy to help you to rescue your relationship.

It’s my passion to save relationships, to keep families together and to make the relationship work for both people.

You probably know of people who went to marriage counseling and it wound up ending their relationship.

When a relationship is in crisis, it’s in a very delicate state. Marriage counseling is not neutral. If done correctly it can make the difference between saving your relationship and your relationship ending. If done incorrectly, it can push the relationship over the edge.

All marriage counselors have their biases.

Some marriage counselors think that if a relationship isn’t working, a person should get out. They’ll tend to guide an individual or couple in that direction. I think of them as relationship enders.

In my experience, that first session with a couple, especially when a person has already told their partner they want to break up, is a very delicate, critical time.

As a Relationship Saver, I find that it’s useful to assume that the leaving partner is one step away from leaving for good. If I’m wrong, no harm. If I’m right, then I will proceed with a caution that can help that couple to have a turning point.



What I do in the first session with you:

The first session is what I call the “Relationship Breakthrough Session.

Here’s what happens in that session. First I want to hear briefly from you where you are right now in the relationship. Because I’ve been doing this for over 20 years, it doesn’t take me long to get enough information to understand what we’re dealing with.

Then, I help you create a vision of how you would like your relationship to be.

Then we look at the obstacles that are keeping that from happening.

I proceed in that first session to give you a step by step plan of the skills and solutions I’ll be giving you to maximize the possibility of making this relationship work for both of you and of keeping your family under one roof.

I’ll end that session by giving you specific next steps you can take to make things better.

Usually, the person that was wanting to end the relationship leaves that session feeling hopeful, because they have begun to see the possibility that with my help this relationship really can work for them.


Can your relationship be saved?

If you’re like many people who’ve contacted me for help, you might be thinking that it’s just too late to save your relationship and that there’s so much accumulated hurt and resentment that you fear it’s beyond saving.

So, can your relationship be saved? In my experience, most relationships end unnecessarily and the breakup could have been prevented with the right kind of help.

What to do next….


Here’s my first piece of advice to you. If from what you just read you think I might be the best one to help you, call me right now to take the first step. It doesn’t matter what time it is. When I stop working for the day I turn my phone off so you’re not going to wake up myself or my wife. If you call during my work hours and I’m doing a session, it goes right to voice mail so you’re not going to disturb me. DO leave a message. 

I will call you back at my first break. I understand and respect the fact that you’re urgently trying to save your relationship and to keep your family together and that you need to contact me as soon as possible.

Yours Truly,

Fred Talisman MFT
Cell: 310-429-3658
[email protected]


PS: When is it too late for a relationship to be saved and when is a relationship definitely over?

 In my experience, the one timing when a relationship is definitely over is when the person that wanted to save the relationship gives up. Because, then there is no advocate in the relationship to rescue it. So, weather your partner is willing to go to a marriage counselor with you or whether you are the only one in the relationship who is trying to save it, call me. I will give you my professional opinion if I think I can help you to save it.