Success Stories

This is what people say about the “The World’s Leading Authority On Saving Relationships” FRED TALISMAN :

“Before we came to Fred Talisman, my wife and I were on the verge of divorce. Issues had become so complex and intertwined that we couldn’t begin to sort through them. Also, the emotions associated with the issues were preventing us from being able to work them effectively. Trust had been breached as we “acted out” in various ways to relieve the stress.

Fred provided both a supportive, safe container as well as the feedback necessary for us to separate the issues from our emotions and the issues from each other. He also taught us how to compartmentalize issues, breaking them down into simple negotiations.

With his help, our marriage has transformed into a place where we can manage our relational and situational challenges in a way that brings us closer together, rather than pushing us apart.

Thank you, Fred, for helping us save and positively transform our marriage!

David and Christina Litman


“How do you think of two hours? A long commute? A quarter of some people’s work day? The typical length of a Hollywood movie?

Fred Talisman, a licensed marriage family therapist of over twenty years, saves and revives a dying relationship.

How does he do it? Well he’s not the stereotypical marriage counselor who sits back and says “uh huh” and watches couples get more and more polarized as they further talk themselves out of their relationship by giving their laundry list of built up hurts and resentments.

If a couple is drowning, he’s the lifeguard and he jumps in and does whatever it takes to save them, to buy them a second chance, a turning point.

I think he’s a brilliant strategist. He uses his strategies to turn around years of pain. He uses them to defuse years of tension. He uses them to get the couple reconnected to the love and magic that brought them together in the first place. He demonstrates to them a path, a hope, a vision of the possibility of actually thriving together.

To me, Fred is The Relationship Wizard. His ability to save dying relationships are his brilliance and magic. He forged it out of the heartbreak he witnessed countless times in his early years as a traditionally trained marriage counselor, experiencing over and over how that training was grossly inadequate in assisting him to save couples in crisis. He’s a practical man. He knows from hard experience that by the time most couples go to a marriage counselor one or both may be ready to end the relationship and the window of opportunity to save that relationship is now, or never.

When it comes to saving a relationship he’s a bulldog. If there is a way to do it, he won’t let go until he finds it. I think his strategies are a gift to couples.”

– Joel Roberts, Former Prime Time Host, KABC Radio, Los Angeles, California